Picture of Double-bone Pork Chop at The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery
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The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery – Penticton, BC

Picture of view at The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery

The Saturday that we were in the Okanagan was a special day for AngryRussian and I, so we left our friends and headed to the Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery for a special dinner.

Poplar Grove Winery is situated on a hill that overlooks the rest of Penticton.  We were seated right by the floor to ceiling window and the view was breath-taking, especially on this clear evening.  It’s such a good location!

Picture of Pork Croquettes at The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery

We decided on two small plates and one large share plate this time.  First are the Pork Croquettes ($12).  They were served on a bed of green apples with pickled mustard and salad cream sauce.

Picture of inside a Pork Croquette at The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery

I gotta say, these croquettes are small but they pack a punch!  The croquettes are made with actually pieces of pork and not mushed meat as I had expected!  They had a slightly curried flavor inside and were moist and flavorful.  AngryRussian said he could eat a whole bowl of these~

Picture of Grilled Duck Hearts on Toast at The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery

I’m so glad that AngryRussian is an adventurous eater because the next dish was the Grilled Duck Hearts of Toast ($15)!   I don’t think a lot of people would eat this!

The duck hearts were so tender and delicate on the crispy toast.  If you’ve never had them before, try them!  Duck hearts are not particularly offaly, instead, they taste like little morsels of duck meat!

Picture of Double-bone Pork Chop at The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery

For our entree, we chose the Double-bone Pork Chop for Two ($42).  Now normally I myself would never order pork chop at a restaurant because I always found it to be dry, so this was AngryRussian’s choice.

But boy was this a great choice!  Pork chop?  What pork chop?!  This was more like a pork belly!!  The meat was so moist and flavorful!  The sprouted lentils and pear in foie and cider dressing really cut the fattiness.  I also really like the crispy sage on top.  The portion size was more than enough for the both of us.

We extremely enjoyed our celebration dinner at Poplar Grove Restaurant.  The view, the service, and the food all made for a memorable evening.  I would love to come back for dinner again the next time we’re in the Okanagan.

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The Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery
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