5 Awesome Food Experience Gift Ideas

Can you believe the holidays are almost here?!  If you’re still looking for some last minute gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! This year AngryRussian and I wanted to do more experience gifts rather than material gifts, so what’s better than to look at some food-related experiences?! Now these are in no particular […]

Gardening – 5 Things I’m Growing This Year

Since I moved to my own place, I’ve developed an interest and love of growing edibles.  Each year I try to grow at least 5 things.  This year’s no different.  I’m by no means a master gardener of any sort (in fact, my attempt at growing radishes, which are supposed to be one of the […]

Fun with food blogging

This year we’ve started monitoring our stats a little more closely after making a bunch of upgrades to our blog, and have noticed some surprising search terms bringing readers to Eat ‘n About. Here’s some of our favourites for the month of January: dine out vanvouver go ask luigi big buts caught india  (I literally […]

Hot Pot and Chinese Cuisine recommendations for Catherine

I’ve recently received a question from a Bellingham resident regarding Chinese cuisine.  Just so it’s easier for her to see my reply, I will post it here. Here’s her question: “I am from Bellingham and would like to learn about real Chinese cuisine. The options that I have here are nothing like what you present. […]

Playing with Fire and Water

If you guys haven’t looked at my blogroll lately (or ever), there’s a site by freelance chef located in Connecticut who goes by the name foodplayerlinda. I can’t get over how incredibly artistic and creative she is.  She manages to use any food at hand to create beautiful works of art.  It really is incredible. […]

ellie Tropical Cuisine Closed

Reader puppy52doll informed me a while back that they may be closed. Sadly, it’s true…I went by a few days ago and saw that they have a sign on the door stating that a new Vegetarian restaurant is going to open soon. So sad…ellie…the home of the best laksa in the world is closed….makes me […]

Happy Belated Easter!

I was meaning to post this picture but I forgot…so here it is~ Hope everyone had a nice Easter break! We all agree that this was an absolutely horrendous rendition of cute Dora wasn’t it?  Whoever came up with this probably shouldn’t design children’s anything anymore.  Eye-popping Dora is NOT kid-friendly.