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It’s Possible! We can bring Trader Joe’s Thai “Dry” Chili Paste back!!

Trader-joes-thai-dry-chili-paste-jarI reviewed Trader Joe’s Thai “Dry” Chili Paste a while back and a few readers have commented how they couldn’t find it in their local store.  So we just figured it was a seasonal item or discontinued.  Then today I got a comment from a reader Eugenie and she told us this:

I just used the Trader Joes Product Information form on Contact Us asking about this product. They said sales didn’t meet quota but if there was adequate outcry fro customers, they’d consider bringing it back. So fill in the form! You never know…

That’s so great to know!  You betcha I filled it out right away.  You can find the form here.  If you feel as strongly about the Thai “Dry” Chili Paste as I do, please fill it out!!

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