Fun with food blogging

Google Cat reading the paper at the dining table

This year we’ve started monitoring our stats a little more closely after making a bunch of upgrades to our blog, and have noticed some surprising search terms bringing readers to Eat ‘n About. Here’s some of our favourites for the month of January:

  • dine out vanvouver go ask luigi
  • big buts caught india  (I literally have no clue on this one)
  • sandwich on my hand
  • bull penis   (well, there was that one little article on lamb testicles…)
  • where find deli manjoo is seoul
  • vancouver taiwanese restaurant grass jerry
  • burmese food at costco  (wouldn’t that be awesome? somebody’s wishful thinking I guess)
  • big penis at home  (Wendy: wtf??  Hitman: oh, that one must be searching for me hehe Wendy: eewww!)

If next month is anywhere near as entertaining maybe we’ll make this a continuing series; we were thinking annually.  Like it? Don’t like it? Let us know!

Privacy Disclaimer: We can’t see where the above searches are coming from, IP addresses, or anything like that. Just the terms. But in fact approximately 75% of search terms are now encrypted completely by Google so we just see “Unknown search term” for most.

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