Potter’s Garden Korean BBQ

My craving for a good galbi-tang has resurfaced recently…and I’ve been trying to find restaurants locally that have it.  Somehow I came across the lunch menu at Potter’s Garden on Urbanspoon and they do have it at a decent price (around $8) so I made a date with Hitman to go check it out. Only […]

Victoria Weekend Trip Part 1 – The Mint

Howdy, it’s Hitman here to start off this first post of a series where we’re going to review several restaurants we dined at during a recent trip to Victoria for my sister’s wedding.  Victoria is notoriously hit and miss for the food scene, and I’ve had my share of misses there but thankfully this trip […]

Arashiyama 嵐山

One of our excursion during out time in Kyoto was to the district of Arashiyama 嵐山.  It was a touristy, extremely picturesque destination with a lovely river running between two small mountains.  A bridge connects the two sides. A semi-hidden attraction is the natural bamboo forest.  For L and I it took a little bit to […]

Kawawa Ramen

I have a feeling I will get some backlash for writing this post.  Why?  Well let me get my final thoughts on Kawawa out early in this post.  Quite simply, I really enjoyed the food and will definitely go back. Kawawa is located inside Metrotown right beside their All-You-Can-Eat establishment of the same name.  Now […]

Phnom Penh 金邊小館

After hearing so much about the chicken wings and Butter Beef at Phnom Penh, I was finally able to go to try them out!  I think we over-ordered though.  Way too much food for 2 people. Phnom Penh is a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant, but they also make food from other regions too as you shall see. […]

ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro

For Fannypack’s birthday dinner, I chose for us to head to Downtown via the Canada Line.  It’s convenient and since Fannypack and O haven’t been on it before, I thought it’ll be fun. My restaurant choice that night was ShuRaku Japanese Bistro. Just get off at Vancouver City Centre Station and walk 1.5 blocks and […]

Barefoot Kitchen

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Pretty Sis read a review of Barefoot Kitchen in the Georgia Straight a while ago and had asked me to go with her. I happily obliged, as it was from the same people of Ichiro Japanese Restaurant, previously blogged about here and here. As forewarned by a coworker, if […]

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine 食坊

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The name might sound all fancy but it’s really just the ‘anglicized’ version of Eating Room. The restaurant is quite clean upon our entrance.  The lighting was good, floor seemed to be in clean and in good condition and the tables and chairs were placed in a tidy manner.  […]