ShishinoriFannypack and I have been at a running club for 3 weeks now, so we’ve been up and down a specific section of the Cambie strip for a while.  Now we’ve noticed a little new Japanese restaurant called Shishinori serving Japanese style cafe-ish food.  So we set a date to have dinner after one of our runs.

Shishinori - interiorShishinori has a pretty small interior but they did manage to squeeze in an ample amount of seating.  Come sunset though, most of the seats do get the sun in the face.

Shishinori - Wild Salmon Paradise BowlThere was so much to choose from.  I did finally manage to choose the Wild Salmon Paradise Bowl ($10.50) and made it a combo for $2.50 more.  Actually, originally I wanted to get their Matcha Ice Cream Float with Mochi but was sadly informed that they’re cleaning out their soft serve machine…so no dice =( and settled for the combo instead.

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Browns Socialhouse

SheShe has finally returned from her mat leave and I was finally able to lock down a brunch date with her…believe me it’s been a super long time coming.  We decided to go somewhere close and Browns Socialhouse was our choice.  She has been there before numerous times for brunch and recommended it.

Browns Socialhouse - interiorWe went to the Lougheed location.  It was a great location with free parking.  It looks very modern and chic.  We like it!

Browns Socialhouse - Weekend MimosasAs we were here for brunch, mimosas were for sure in order.  Weekend Mimosas ($5) were a superb deal on, well, the weekends.  Browns Socialhouse sure has some good deals on drinks every day of the week.  It is made with fresh pressed orange juice and prosecco.  Just the right amount of sweetness.  Cheers for sweet and bubbly fun!  Just like us!

Browns Socialhouse - La Petite Social Salad SheShe picked their La Petite Social Salad ($10.25) which features housemade flatbread, poached eggs, salsa, green salad, fresh pesto, balsamic and olive oil dressing.

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Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival Luncheon

Cheese Rolling Festival luncheon at ForageTo promote the upcoming 7th annual Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival happening this Saturday August 16 at Whistler Blackcomb, the Dairy Farmers of Canada has invited some media to a special cheesy luncheon held at Forage.

The Cheese Rolling Festival is an annual family event that features costume contests, cheese tastings, and of the main spectacle – the cheese rolling race, where participants will chase an 11-pound wheel of cheese down a hill!  Best of all….it’s all free!!! From the gondola ride up to the whole event….it’s FREE FREE FREE!!!!

11 pound cheese wheelThe feature cheese this year is courtesy of BC cheesemaker Natural Pastures.  Their Courtenay Cheddar Cheese is what we are going to be tasting today.  This was especially exciting to me because I had the chance to taste their Naturally Smoked Boerenkaas at EAT! Vancouver this year and absolutely loved it.

Apart from tasting the cheddar by itself, the organizers also invited the executive pastry chef of Barefoot Bistro, Dominic Fortin, to create some easy recipes using the cheese.

Doug Smith of Natural PasturesWe also got to meet the operations manager Doug Smith of Natural Pastures.  He gave us a quick talk about the family business and the types of cheese they make.

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Beta5 Cream Puffs

Beta5 - EntranceI’ve heard so much about Beta5 cream puffs that one day I finally decided to head down there with TDog to try them out.  The kitchen is located in an industrial area (fittingly called Industrial Ave.).  If not for Google maps and Beta5′s sandwich board, the store would be easy to miss.  They have dedicated parking spots also.

Beta5 - Cream PuffsBeta5 sure has a big selection of flavors, which you can see on their website.  In addition to their usual offerings, they also have a featured flavor.  Today it happened to be the Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Puff which TDog picked  I decided on their most popular flavor — the Blueberry Yuzu Cream Puff.  These babies are a bit pricy at $4.50 each but what did you expect eh?

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John Howie Steak – Bellevue

John Howie Steak - entranceDowntown Bellevue is so beautiful.  Their buildings look like heritage buildings, but also has a very modern edge to them to keep things interesting.  They also have lots of awesome restaurants!!  One such restaurant is John Howie Steak, a pretty swanky steakhouse that makes Hy’s Encore here in Vancouver look like the Keg (just a little).

However, just like Hy’s, the servers all wear white butcher coats, and are extremely well-versed in regards to their menu.  And of course, the service was impeccable.  Although our server did forget to bring us a salad that we ordered, she made it up by bringing us two on the house.

John Howie Steak - meat fridgeAfter you walk past the entrance, you are greeted with a meat refrigerator showcasing the different cuts of meats they offer.  It was very interesting to actually see the differentiation in marbling and redness.

John Howie Steak - bread basketBread basket had a mixture of cheesy garlic buns, rolls, flatbreads and breadsticks.  Our favorite was the cheesy bun for sure.  It was slightly crisp on the outside and oh so yummy inside.  We even asked for seconds =)

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