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Summer Night Market 2009

So it’s the season for the Night Market again~  Boyfriend and I went on a Sunday night and just had our “dinner” there.

Not sure if it’s because of the ‘recession’, but there were a lot less vendors.  There were quite a bit of empty tents, so in total there was only about 1.5 to 2 actual rows of vendors (minus the empty tents).

The food area, however, was doing much better.  There were still quite a few vendors with only a couple empty ones here and there.

Now on to the food!

Summer Night Market Richmond: Vietnamese Drink vendor

Now this is one vendor we visit every time.  She sells Vietnamese drinks for $4 each.  One summer we went on a rainy day and we got 2 for $5…gotta try that again sometime.

Summer Night Market Richmond: Vietnamese Drink

Our pick is always this one.  It has everything.  There’s fruit-flavored jelly, pandan jelly, big red beans, and mung bean paste in it, among other things.  Also coconut milk.

We forgot what it’s called heehee but it’s #4 on the menu if you’re interested.

Summer Night Market Richmond: Point Zero

Next we came upon a new vendor.  They’re called Point Zero and they sell what’s supposed to be charcoal-grilled skewers.  They were EXTREMELY smoky.  When we were getting our drink we saw all the smoke and for a second I thought maybe there’s a fire.

Summer Night Market Richmond: Chicken knee, pork jowl, and pork intestine skewers

They have friendly prices…almost all of the choices were just $1 each.

We picked the chicken knee (they call it knuckle), pork jowl (neck meat?), and the pork intestines.  They ask how spicy you want it.  They were pretty good.

Summer Night Market Richmond: squid

We’ve always gotten grilled squid from on vendor.  However this time we saw people walking around with this big box of squid so we were on a mission to find it.

Summer Night Market Richmond: squid stall

Summer Night Market Richmond: BBQ squid

I think we found it here (although there were many other places that sell it in similar ways).  It was $5 and again they ask for your preferred spiciness level.

It didn’t live up to our expectations though.  Even with the seasoning we found it tasting quite bland.  I think next time we’ll go back to our trusted vendor.

Summer Night Market Richmond: Lamb Pie

However at the same tent Boyfriend was enticed by their Lamb Pie.  It was $2.

Summer Night Market Richmond: Lamb Pie

It was surprising good.  The lamb was very tasty and ‘lamb-y’.  Boyfriend especially liked the wrap they used.

Summer Night Market Richmond: Deep-fry stall

So it might not seem like we had a lot of food but we were quite filled by now.  However, we still had one last thing from this vendor.

They sell everything deep-fried haha.  Taiwanese fish-cake, yam fries, squid, and chicken nuggets.

Summer Night Market Richmond: fish-cake and chicken nuggets

We opted for their large size for $5.50.  You can either pick one item or 2 items.  We chose the fish-cake and the chicken nuggets.  Everything is fried to order.

I enjoyed the nuggets but I thought the fish-cake were sliced too thin, more like chips.  Otherwise, it was good.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. There’s a few I haven’t tried yet.

    Will definitely give them a try the next time I go.

  2. The Summer Night Market grand opening is actually this weekend so I’d assume that there will be more vendors now.

  3. I was at the night market yesterday and tried most of your recommendations. I ordered the vietnamese drink #4, but now that I have re-read your description, I think they call it their #1 drink. The #4 with lots of fruit was ok, but I think the one you always have sounds more interesting.

    We loved the bbq skewers. The lamb, pork and chicken knees were all awesome and we couldn’t pick a favourite. We went back for seconds. Unfortunately, the stand with the lamb pie didn’t have any that night so we tried their handcut noodles. That was a mistake. When it was all fried up (probably the pan could not get hot enough), the noodles became gummy.

    Lastly, we tried the yam fries and fish sticks. Not bad. I would have loved to have had some tartar sauce with it. I was planning on visiting the korean snack vendor at the end, but the line up was getting long so I gave up. Anyways, I can get my red bean waffle fix from other places.

    All in all, it was a great visit. We did lots of shopping and I ended up totally broke.

    1. Hi holly! I’m so glad you tried my recommendations! Sorry I got the # of the vietnamese drink wrong! Good thing I described it huh?! I wanted to have the korean snack stuff too but was just too full…do you get the sweet rice pancake thing too?

  4. Yes, if I have enough room left.

    I’ll probably be back one more time to the night market before summer is over.

    btw, have you tried those awesome bombs at tenku (over by Elmbridge and Gilmore) yet?

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