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Dine Out Vancouver 2010: Seasons in the Park

Time for Dine Out again!  I thought I’ll quickly churn out this post while there’s still some time left for those of you that are looking for reviews before choosing a restaurant.

This time, Mom chose Seasons in the Park as she really enjoyed it last time and it was close to Pretty Sis’ birthday.

Seasons in the Park

I’ve been talking to a coworker recently and she sounded like she was really against the Dine-out program.  L’s boyfriend is a chef and she said that they don’t provide the best quality food during this time and service is always going to be horrendous since it’s busy, they don’t care to serve you.

Now that hasn’t really been the case the many times I’ve participated in Dine Out.  The only time that I was really disappointed was one time a while ago to Aqua Riva.  The rib-eye steak was all pre-made so even if you order medium-rare, as they’re placed under a heating lamp it doesn’t come that way anymore.

Otherwise, service and quality of food had always been good.  I guess it also depends on the restaurant.  Seasons in the Park had always been good to us.

Seasons in the Park: Smoked Oyster & Salmon Chowder with garlic crostini

So they had both a $28 and a $38 menu.  Dad and I had the $28, while Mom and PS had the $38.

Above is the Smoked Oyster & Salmon Chowder with garlic crostini.  It was actually quite a small quantity but I could see that there were large pieces of salmon and oysters in it.  I had a taste and it was quite flavorful without being too salty.  However it was too potatoey for my taste.

Seasons in the Park: Mixed Greens with sun dried cranberries, goat cheese and maple vinaigrette

I had the Mixed Greens with sun dried cranberries, goat cheese and maple vinaigrette.  I felt like it was about time I ate some greens as I had been bad and had a lot of greasy, yummy food lately.

I really enjoy any salad with dried cranberries.  They were not stingy with the goat cheese and the vinagrette was slightly sweet and complimented the whole thing very, very well.  I really enjoyed this salad.

Seasons in the Park: Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shank with a dried apricot demi-glace and grilled scallions

My entree was the Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shank with a dried apricot demi-glace and grilled scallions.  Unfortunately, nothing in the dish screams “moroccan” to me.  I couldn’t taste any spices.  The shank was a bit too salty but was very tender and moist.  The scallion pieces on top were very sweet.  Overall I very much enjoyed this dish.

Seasons in the Park: Petit Filet Mignon

Mom and PS both ordered the Petit Filet Mignon medium-rare.  And it came a nice, tender, flavorful, moist medium-rare.  It was pretty much melt-in-your-mouth actually.  Although it looks small it really is enough.

This came served with a mascarpone polenta cake which tasted AWESOME by the way.  It was cheesy with a slight crust on top.  SO YUMMY!

Seasons in the Park: Sun-burned Lemon Pie

So dessert time!  My order was the Sun-burned Lemon Pie.  By sun-burned they meant a sugar brulee top.  It was tangy and sweet, and had a nice custard consistency.  I enjoyed this as the tangy-ness cuts down on the sweetness.

Seasons in the Park: Peanut Butter Cheesecake

The other dessert on the $28 menu was the Peanut Butter Cheesecake and PS made Dad order it.

It had good PB flavor along with cream cheese flavor.  Overall done very well but quite sweet.  I like the fresh whipped cream on top which was just slightly sweetened.  I guess that also helps cut down on the sweetness.

Seasons in the Park: Double Belgian Chocolate Truffle & Fudge Cake

Lastly PS had the Double Belgian Chocolate Truffle & Fudge Cake.  The name alone induces a sugar coma doesn’t it?

It didn’t come in a huge piece which was good since I believe this would’ve been very sweet.  I didn’t have any as I was already very content with my Lemon Pie.  I never did like this type of chocolate dessert anyways.

So overall a very good dining experience at Seasons.  For $28-$38 this is definitely a pretty good deal for this restaurant.  I encourage you to give them a try~

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