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Zen Organics Matcha Hot Chocolate

Holiday season is upon us and with that comes a plethora of craft fairs. One of my favorite ones as of late has got to be the Make It! as its fair-sized and admission is uber affordable. In fact for 2 years now it has offered a 2-for-1 deal on Groupon which made it even more attractive!

T-Dog is my go-to craft fair buddy as she gets as unnecessarily excited as I do about useless things :/

Zen Organics Matcha Premium Hot Chocolate

Our finds are usually food related…this time we came across a yummy matcha product from Zen Organics.  It’s a blend of dark cocoa powder and matcha powder.  Nothing else.  We were especially impressed that they had not added sugar to the product!  So this drink is just full of antioxidanty goodness!

Zen Organics Matcha Premium Hot Chocolate

Zen Organics Matcha Premium Hot Chocolate

We were instructed to make it in a bowl as this, like usual matcha products, requiring a vigorous whisking to incorporate it into your desired liquid.  T-Dog and I both found that a regular small wire whisk will suffice…no need to shell out $$$ for a specialty matcha whisk.

Zen Organics Matcha Premium Hot Chocolate
Hitman appreciated the weird pattern it makes

At the fair it was made with vanilla almond milk which was really yummy.  When I made it for Hitman and I that night I used lactose-free milk and we didn’t add any sugar to it.  This allowed us to truly taste the deep flavors of cocoa and matcha.  The flavors kind of hit you one after another.  I think Zen Organics has done a pretty good job finding the right balance and ratio between the two.

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Zen Organics Matcha Hot Chocolate
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