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The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House

The Prince George Man
PG Man in all his glory

During the month of July I went to Prince George to visit Pretty Sis.  She’s been there for about a year and this is the first time I’ve been there.

What the HELL is she doing in PG you ask?  Well, TedBear stole her away that’s why.  DAMN YOU TEDBEAR!

Just kidding.  TedBear’s awesome.  He would’ve been MORE awesome if he wasn’t in PG, but I digress 😉

As we know the month of July was pretty hot, and you would be right to assume even hotter in PG.  The weeks leading up to my visit, it was around 32C and up over there.  However, I apparently brought the Vancouver rain over.

That’s right.  The moment I landed there was a thunder/lighting storm in PG.  And the cloudiness and rain did not leave until the moment I got into the airport to leave.

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House

They were super gracious hosts.  One night for dinner they took me to a local joint in downtown PG.  The Copper Pig BBQ & Social House is a popular hangout.

Fun fact: the other “Social House” is trying to sue this one for using the term “social house” in their name.  I didn’t know but I feel the the bigger guy is trying to bully this place.  I didn’t even know that social house wasn’t a generic term.  Apparently it’s trademarked?

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House, Citrus Shasta and English Punch

Anyways, as it was a Friday they were doing specials on their Infused Beverages.  What’s that you ask?  Well it’s a selection of mixed drinks prepared with their own infused spirits.

I first started with the Citrus Shasta which is an infused citrus vodka paired with lemonade.  It was tangy and refreshing.  But then, the rain I brought with me was refreshing enough in itself =/

My second drink was the English Punch which is a Cucumber Cilantro Punch made with Herbal Infused Gin.  It was licorice-y and minimally sweet.  I wish the cucumber flavor came through more.

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House, "Almost Famous" Pulled Pork BBQ Sliders

We decided on 3 items to share.  First up were the “Almost Famous” Pulled Pork BBQ Sliders ($16.50) served with homemade coleslaw and ‘shasta’ chips.

The sliders were pretty good, with a decent amount of meat in the middle of two slices of soft bread.  I’m not usually a fan of bbq sauce so I was glad these weren’t overly smoky.

Now I’m not really sure what shasta chips were and I forgot to ask.  A google search came up with a soft drink, so perhaps that was used in the flavoring of the chips?  Nonetheless they were homemade and thick cut, which resulted in some of the slices not being crispy enough.  But I guess that adds to the authenticity of the homemade-ness.

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House: Beef Brisket Dinner

The second item was the Beef Brisket Dinner ($19.00 for 6 oz) and you get a choice between 3 different bbq sauces brushed on top.  Now Pretty Sis and TedBear raved about this beforehand.  However this time the Copper Pig seemed to have dropped the ball, and Sis and TedBear agreed.

The beef was a bit dry at some parts and they seemed to be stingy with the sauce.  Some parts were also more tough than others and all in all I just didn’t find it to be something I was excited to eat.

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House: Copper Pig Share Ribs

Lastly was the Copper Pig Share Ribs ($11.50) which was my choice.  Now this was better than the brisket as the meat was tender and fatty like it’s supposed to be, and there was a good balance of meat and charred bits.  But again I didn’t find this any worse or better than any other ribs I’ve had before.

TedBear and PS told me that the last time they were here the quality of the foods were switched in that the brisket was far better than the ribs, so I will make the assumption that they have a consistency problem.  In fact after this meal TedBear and PS said that they’ve had enough of this place and won’t be in any hurry to come back.

I hope I’m not sounding ungrateful though, it was still a pretty nice meal with great company.

The Copper Pig BBQ and Social House: Cornbread

The best part was the cornbread, as you can’t really mess that up.  However they ended up putting ALL the orders of the cornbread from everybody into one plate, even the portion of the people of our party that came and ordered after us….so we ended up accidentally eating their share of cornbread too.  I thought they should’ve served theirs separately, then we wouldn’t have made that mistake.

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  1. Hey. Just read your review. Just thought I would let you know Shasta chips is named for the previous business that was where the TCP is now.

    1. Ahh thanks for the heads up! What was the previous business that occupied the location? I’d assume it was another restaurant? What type of food they did serve?

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