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Dine Out Vancouver 2017: Biercraft Bistro

Biercraft Bistro

Kicking off Dine Out Vancouver this year for us was Biercraft Bistro.  I had always wanted to try Biercraft but always forgot about them, so when I saw that they were participating in Dine Out and offering a $30 menu, it was a go!

Biercraft Bistro pre-meal popcorn
Biercraft Bistro’s pre-meal snack was seasoned popcorn!

Biercraft Bistro Marinier Mussels

The appetizer version of Biercraft’s Salt Spring Island Marinier Mussel and Kennebec Frites was delicious.  I couldn’t stop slurping up the garlic, shallots, white wine, fresh herbs, monte au beurre broth but boy was it garlicky!  There was so much garlic AngryRussian actually thought there were orzo in the broth!

The mussels were large and succulent and sweet.  LOVED this.

Biercraft Bistro Warmed Duck Confit and Spinach Fondue

The other meat-based appetizer choice (I forbade AngryRussian from ordering any vegetarian choices during Dine Out) was the Warmed Duck Confit and Spinach Fondue.  It was served with toasted/grilled pita points and crostini.

The duck was moist and tender, I only wished there were more of that and less spinach fondue.  I was also confused with the “fondue” part as it wasn’t especially cheesy and the dish wasn’t served fondue-style.  I thought maybe this was more like a spinach dip.

Biercraft Bistro Braised Pork Cheek

Then the entrees.

The Braised Pork Cheek with Tomato Ragu and Grilled Polenta was also tender and moist.  You could tear it apart with a fork.  The grilled polenta was cheesy and not overpowering.  There were some grilled veggies also and those are always yummy.

Biercraft Bistro Bouillabaisse

The Prawn, Mussel, Mahi Mahi Bouillabaisse, was in a saffron-tomato broth, and served with an INSANELY garlicky Garlic Baguette slice.

I loved the mussels here again.  The prawns were also large and meaty and fresh.  There was a spicy kick to the broth.

Didn’t love the mahi mahi though…some pieces tasted like the fridge if you know what I mean…just had an odd scent to it.  And the garlic baguette had what we could only describe as mashed roasted garlic and it was too overpowering.

Biercraft Bistro Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dessert time!

The Sticky Toffee Pudding was drenched in caramel and with a dollop of chantilly cream (fancy talk for whipped cream).  It was served warm and was similar to a bread pudding…but in this case I guess a cake pudding?  There was a copious amount of shredded coconut on top which I’m not a huge fan of, but nonetheless this was one good dessert.

And then there was the Honey Goat Cheese Tart with candied lemon and basil.

I must say this might’ve been the draw on the menu that made me want to come here.  This is the third time I had a goat cheese based dessert (the other times were at The Refinery and Judas Goat Taberna {now closed}).  It had a cracker-like tart shell, and a gooey,oozy soft goat cheese filling.  The tart was sitting on top of a lemony honey.  The whole combination worked like a super delicious lemon meringue pie but elevated.  The basil chiffonade just added a nice burst of freshness.

We were extremely pleased with our first Dine Out experience this year (and AngryRussian’s first ever!!) at Biercraft Bistro.  Can’t wait for the rest of the experience!

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