L'Abattoir Avocado Gimlet
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Dine Out Vancouver 2017: L’Abattoir

I have been to L’Abattoir about 5 or 6 times now and each time I have been extremely impressed.  I rave about them all the time!  So when I told CDizzle that L’Abattoir’s Dine Out menu was out, she promptly made reservations and a dinner date was set.

L'Abattoir Avocado Gimlet

I always start my night at L’Abattoir with an Avocado Gimlet ($15).  It is citrusy and fresh and gets your appetite going.  I know…you’re thinking “What?  Avocado in my cocktail?”  Trust me you can’t taste it (avocado is quite an inert flavor anyways) and it just adds a touch of creaminess.

Ok I said before that I’ve always been impressed…tonight though the gimlet was just missing a touch of depth and substance…it was a little watery…but I’m not ready to give up on it yet.  I’ll try again next time.

L'Abattoir Lightly Cured Salmon

Now on their menu online the fish appy was listed as steelhead, but the actual paper menu in-store said salmon.  Nonetheless I persuaded CDizzle to pick the Lightly Cured Salmon for her appy.  I had a taste of the salmon and it was flaky and “crumbly”, with good smoky flavor.

L'Abattoir Braised Lamb Neck

I picked the Lamb neck braised in Moroccan spices with compressed cucumber, charred eggplant, yogurt and couscous.

The lamb neck, being braised, was extremely tender and actually quite fatty for what it is.  It was also quite a big piece of meat for an appy.  The compressed cuke tasted slightly pickled.

L'Abattoir Steak Diane

We both decided on the Steak Diane for our entree.  I asked if we can decide on the doneness but were informed that it will come as medium, but since it’s a flank steak it will still be very tender.

And that it was.  The sliced flank steak, lightly drizzled with a peppercorn sauce, was so delicious and flavorful…it just tasted like real meat (hard to explain) and melted in your mouth.  A table knife was sufficient to cut through.

The dish came with a potato fondant and grilled onions.  I’m not a fan of potatoes usually but I gobbled the cheesy fondant up.  And grilled onions are always good.

L'Abattoir Panna Cotta

I’m a sucker for pannacotta so of course I picked the Tonka & Greek Yogurt Pannacotta.  It was topped with spiced carrot cake and candied carrot mousse which were also draws for me.  The baby lemon balm leaves added a tiny lovely citrusy kick.

L'Abattoir Orange Olive Oil Cake

CDizzle got the Orange Olive Oil Cake dotted with white chocolate custard, grapefruit wedges, citrus jelly and a VERY grapefruity sorbet (had the bitterness of grapefruit).  Isn’t it pretty?

I thoroughly enjoyed my choices at L’Abattoir and CDizzle fully understands my love for them.  I’m sure we will be back.

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