Mr. Chili Noodle House Hot & Sour Potato Vermicelli
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Mr. Chili Noodle House

The other day I was channeling the mantra of “Do one thing a day that scares you”. I decided to get a AXKA voucher for a meal for one to Mr Chili Noodle House and headed there for a lunch date with myself.

With the voucher ($9.99) you get to pick from 3 noodle dishes, and they come with an appetizer dish of Spicy Pig Tripe, Spicy Pig Ear, Pickled Cucumber. Also supposed to come with a pop. More about that later.

Mr. Chili Noodle House tables

The tables are a little awkward though as they have a shelf underneath to place your bags, but that means there’s no room for you legs.

Mr. Chili Noodle House Appetizer Trio

The appetizer dish was a pretty generous helping of delicious spicy tripe, pig’s ear and pickled cucumber. The cucumber really helped to cool down the palate and I kept a generous amount to have at the end to stop the pain.

Mr. Chili Noodle House Iced Tea

When the server didn’t bring me my drink, I asked for my can of pop. She then tells me that it’s actually iced tea, which was fine as I wouldn’t mind a nice Asian lemon tea.

But when it arrived and I had a sip…it tasted suspiciously like the dry Nestea powdered Iced Tea mix…it wasn’t very good.

Mr. Chili Noodle House Hot & Sour Potato Vermicelli

I picked the Hot & Sour Potato Vermicelli for my noodle dish as I love potato vermicelli…so chewy! You don’t get to pick the spiciness level by the way.

Mr. Chili Noodle House Hot & Sour Potato Vermicelli

Look at how red the soup is. There was a small amount of minced pork on top but some pickled radishes, and a generous sprinkling of ground peanuts. The layer of oil on top really kept the temperature in and combined with the spiciness of the flavor there was lots of weird slurping involved. I thought the noodle would be thicker- the one at Mr. Chili reminds me of Korean potato noodles.

Needless to say the soup was sufficiently spicy and made my lips feel puffy and my nose runny. Everything was delicious albeit oily. My tummy felt a little worse for wear after.

Honestly I thought I would be super uncomfortable dining by myself as it’s a bit out of my comfort zone…but it was fine!! Not only did I have a delicious meal, I also faced my fear (a little bit)!

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