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Como Taperia

For Fannypack’s birthday this year I took her to Como Taperia on Main Street.  I had passed by this place many times and had always wanted to try it, so this was a great opportunity to do so!

Como Taperia doesn’t take reservations unless you’re a big party, so I emailed the restaurant prior to see how busy it would be for 2 people on a Tuesday evening.  I was told we would have no problems getting a table, so off we went!

We were seated immediately at the bar top across from the kitchen so we could see all the action.  It took us a while to decide on our choices and Fannypack took out trusty Instagram for visual temptation.

As usual I ended picking everything and we ended up ordering 4 items to share.

Como Taperia - Chipirones & Romesco

One of the perks of sitting right in front of the kitchen is that you get to see the food being prepared.  I saw the Chipirones & Romesco ($13) being made and I immediately decided that I want it.

We both ooh’d and aah’d at how pretty the dish was with all the colors!   The baby squid was nicely charred and the romensco provided a nice tang.

Oh, be careful with the charred lemon- it flies out of your hand very easily.

Como Taperia - Steak and Peppers

Next to arrive was the Steak & Peppers ($18).  I was very excited to see that the peppers involved were shishito peppers!

The steak was so flavorful and tender, and beautifully charred.  Fannypack’s never had shishito peppers before so it was fun to play the “who-gets-the-spicy-one” with her (supposedly 1 in 10 is spicy!).  We ended up with quite a bit more than that probability.

Como Taperia - Arroz Negro

Next up was the Arroz Negro ($14) with squid and prawn (I love squid).   It wasn’t a big portion (as is the case with everything here….they’re tapas after all…) but it was very rich so it was enough.

I didn’t know what to expect from this dish but it was savory and yummy.  There actually was quite a decent amount of seafood mixed in.

Como Taperia - Moorish Lamb Meatballs

Last to arrive is the Moorish Lamb Meatballs ($14).  I will admit that by this time I was getting pretty full so my impressions of this might be tainted.

Despite how much I love lamb, the lamb meatballs were my least favorite of the night.  I thought the flavors were more Indian than Spanish, and they were also quite salty.

In any case, we did enjoy Como Taperia a lot and I would definitely come back with AngryRussian soon!

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