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Seattle Food and Wine Experience 2019 – POP! Bubbles and Seafood

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This is Part 2 of our Seattle Food and Wine Experience!  Check out the rest here!

In February of this year I had the pleasure of attending the Seattle Wine and Food Experience in Seattle.  The SWFE is a series of  themed events held over 4 days at various venues around Seattle and the focus in on two things: Wine and Food of course!

Your ticket gives you unlimited access to hundreds of local Seattle/Pacific Northwest wine and food vendors at each event.  There’s 3 main events in total plus a Sunday Supper on the final day.  The 3 main events are COMFORT- emphasis on comfort foods and beer; POP! – emphasis on bubblies and seafood; and the GRAND TASTING – an amalgamation of the previous 2 and more!

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If COMFORT was the casual, younger sister, then Seattle Wine and Food Experience – POP! was the sophisticated, luxe older sister to the SWFE family.  It was all about bubbly wine and delicious seafood!

Photo of inside "The Sanctuary", Seattle

This experience was held at “The Sanctuary”.  This venue was a bit smaller but the event took up both floors.  It was noticeably a lot more crowded and there were weird and confusing lineups that often lapped onto different lineups.

Photo of the selection of wines from Chatter Creek

Photo of Photo of the selection of wines from Juve & Camps

Being called “POP!”, this event showcased all effervescent wines from all over the world from such as Spanish Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, and other sparkling wines.  They range from reds to whites and rosés, and even blue!

Photo of raw oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms

And there was of course loads of seafood to be had, including these oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms.

Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2019 - POP!

Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2019 - POP!

Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2019 - POP!

Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2019 - POP!

Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2019 - POP!

This again is just a sample of what was offered at POP!.  There were lots more wine vendors than I’ve included here.

Seattle Wine and Food Experience did a great job to differentiate the two events in mood and ambiance!  Just like COMFORT, POP! was executed seamlessly and everyone there was having an awesome time.

Stay tuned for coverage of the last experience!

The dates for SWFE 2020 are out!  Go to their website for tickets and more information!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary entrance to this event but all opinions are 100% my own.

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Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2019 - POP!
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