Kim Anh 金英越南餐廳

Update:  This restaurant as closed.

Wendy and I had a pho craving while out shopping in the Edmonds area and decided to give Kim Anh a shot.  They serve Vietnamese cuisine alongside Canadian diner fare which I suppose could be considered a bit of a red flag but the appetite-inducing photos in the windows beckoned us in.  Upon entering we weren’t hit with the usual intoxicating aroma of pho broth, but an equally enticing greasy burger and fries smell permeated the restaurant.  We did contemplate leaving but once we heard the owners speak Vietnamese we were more at ease. One of our fellow diners was having the patty melt; basically a cheeseburger on your choice of bread instead of a bun.  This put me in the mood for a burger, but I didn’t lose the pho craving so I just ordered both.

The Viet section of the menu had a small assortment of pho dishes for $6.25-$7, all one size which seemed to be equivalent to a small at most places, plus vermicelli and rice dishes, while the Canadian side offered steaks, sandwiches, burgers and…borscht?!?  They also have a separate menu for banh mi (Viet subs) for $5-$6.  Wendy ordered the house special pho with extra cilantro ($6.99)

Kim Anh: House special pho

They brought a nice sized bowl of cilantro on the side so Wendy was pleased.  She liked the broth and the noodles were a good consistency as well as the meat.  No complaints there.  However the sprouts and basil were served in the soup and not on the side, no mint or jalapenos either, just a single lime-wedge looking pretty lonely on it’s own little plate 🙁 At least they have the right kind of basil.  But Wendy did mention that she liked it, broth and all.

Kim Anh: Shredded crab meat and chicken pho

I decided to get a little creative and order a shredded crab meat and chicken pho ($6.99).  When I ordered it the waitress said, “It’s chicken, is that ok?”  I replied that it was fine but didn’t really get what she was saying, assuming she was just letting me know it’s not beef or something.  When the soup came I stirred through and lo and behold, no crab.  Flipping through the reviews after we got home Wendy came across Junior Whopper’s on Urban Spoon from 9 months ago and it seems he had the same problem.  In my case I suppose I had some sort of warning but still…you think they could have changed the menu since then to reflect the lack of crab, even though at that price it must have been imitation to begin with.  At least there was a decent amount of chicken, breast meat no less, and some nice big chunks of tomato.  The broth was so-so, kind of bland but Wendy detected a possible hint of seafood in it.

Sandwich on multigrain with fries at Kim Anh

I also ordered a grilled mushroom, bacon and cheese sandwich on multigrain with fries ($5.99).  This really hit the spot, the kind of comfort food you might make at home when you’re really hungry.  Processed sliced cheese, lots of butter on the grilled bread, canned mushrooms and bacon cooked not too crispy just the way I like.  And a side of prepackaged fries to go with it.  So to sum up it’s not the kind of place you want to hunt down to try or anything, but if you’re in the hood and looking for some reasonably priced eats you could do worse.

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