Bubble Queen Mango Mochi

Hi just wanna update you guys that Bubble Queen now offers flavored mochi!  You can get the big size with filling or the mini size which goes on top of drinks! Above is the Mango Mochi and it’s SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! On a side note, does any of you foodies out there know where I can […]

Tapioca Express

Update Jul 2, 2013: This restaurant is now closed. I’ve been going to Tapioca Express since I was in high school.  I haven’t been there very often since but I know for a fact that some of the guys I knew in high school that haven’t seem to have gone forward with their lives (harsh […]

Pearl Castle 圓香 @ Richmond Centre

Pearl Castle at Richmond Centre has finally opened and Boyfriend and I took the chance to visit it on a weekday for lunch.  Boy it was packed.  But we still managed to get a seat right away.  Oh it’s located in the same corridor where McDonald’s is, at the space that was previously Richmond Farm […]

Bubble Queen

You take a long-time classic like “Milk Tea”, throw some tapioca balls (and then call them precious pearls) in there and thus, creating one of the most popular modern beverage in the last 15 years.   We call it simply ‘Bubble Tea’ – its existence permeates the lives of most Asians around the world.   Today, we […]

Tri-ty 翠緹

Wow this post is long over-due.  I first came here with Fannypack during one of our BCIT dinners.  I was going to take her to try Taiwanese Beef Noodle at Dinesty but it was closed when we went, so we went across the street to try this place, to see if they have it. They […]

Celsius Cafe 匯

Update Feb 11, 2011 – This restaurant is now closed. Driving down No. 3 one day, Boyfriend and I noticed a new restaurant where Montreal’s Roast Chicken used to be (never had a chance to try that one by the way…).  It seems like a HK-Style Cafe and we all know how much I love […]

Dessert Dynasty

Lately I’ve been going to Metrotown Centre to wait for Boyfriend to get off work.  As he gets off half an hour after me, we have been carpooling and it’s been great. What else is great is that most of those days I’ve been having Bubble Tea.  Oh, wait…did I say that’s a good thing?? […]

Chiffon Again

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The gang and I had an outing to do a photoshoot last weekend.  It was quite sunny that day so by the end of it we were exhausted, hungry, and hot.  M mentioned during the shoot that she would love to have a cup of bubble tea in her […]

Big Orange

I’m glad there’s a Big Orange Juice Bar in Richmond Centre.  It’s close enough that I don’t have to travel into Alexandra Road area to get it.  They’re no Bubble World, but they satisfy the craving once in a while.

Summer Night Market 2009

So it’s the season for the Night Market again~  Boyfriend and I went on a Sunday night and just had our “dinner” there. Not sure if it’s because of the ‘recession’, but there were a lot less vendors.  There were quite a bit of empty tents, so in total there was only about 1.5 to […]