The Fish House at Stanley Park

Update: This restaurant has closed. The Fish House is one of our most favorite restaurants.  We like it because they always have coupons in Entertainment Book, and even without the coupon, the prices are not too hard to swallow. They have two dining areas.  This is the lighter, brighter side.  The other side is more […]

Dine-out Vancouver 2009: The American Grille

Boyfriend and I were able to attend another Dine-out just prior to my cruise.  This time I chose a $28 menu, at a restaurant close to where we live so that we didn’t have to travel far. We had been to The American Grille once before because of a recommendation from a friend to try […]

Macarons by Saint Germain Bakery

Went shopping at Metrotown and walked by the Saint Germain Bakery.  The colorful macarons in their fridge caught my eye, and since I’ve had quite a bit during my cruise, I was eager to try them. Pretty aren’t they?  From left they are Lemon, Strawberry and Pistachio. Texture-wise, these were quite a bit thicker than […]

Dai Jang Kum 大長今

This has been Boyfriend’s and my favorite Korean restaurant for the longest time.  Even though they advertise BBQ on their exterior, I frequent them for their normal non-BBQ foods. They use to be Wang Gal Bee and I loved them then.  About a year ago they changed name (and hands?) and I was terrified that […]

Granville Room Duck Confit

Dine-out Vancouver 2009: Granville Room

I’ll be leaving for a South American cruise on Saturday, meaning I’ll miss the bulk of Dine-out Vancouver.  Since I’ll also be missing a friend’s birthday during that time, I quickly organized a dinner together to take advantage of Dine-out. A friend wanted to try a restaurant from the $18 menu.  I picked Granville Room […]

Si Chuan First Restaurant 天府風私房菜

Update Oct 3, 2009: This restaurant has since shut down. This is a small, not particularly noticeable Sze Chuan (Si Chuan) restaurant nestled in a little alcove on Buswell Street.  If you know where Happy Date is, you can cross from Happy Date to the back and you’ll see it. This is a gem of […]

ellie Tropical Cuisine 耶里流行餐坊

Update May 18, 2009: This restaurant has since closed down 😥 OMG.  I’ve found the BEST LAKSA EVER (on this side of the world anyways…). I’ve always wanted to go to Ellie to try their paper hotpot.  However now that I’m here, I’ve realized that they’ve increased their pricing and now I find it a […]

Motomachi Shokudo 元町食堂

Motomachi Shokudo is apparently opened by the same ramen chef that owns/opened Kintaro Ramen.  This new restaurant is supposed to be the healthier alternative to the fatty pork fat based Kintaro Ramen.  Here the chef uses only organic ingredients and the soup base is made from organic chicken rather than pork fat. As you can […]

New Asia Deli Restaurant 亞洲美食

Update: This restaurant has closed. I’m in a Vietnamese binge lately.  Every day I crave pho.  This is another restaurant that I frequent, but that was before I discovered Pho Thai Hoa. They are located in Continental Square (Centre? Plaza?) on Cambie in Richmond.  Their previous location was in the little mall where Staples on No. […]