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Cafe de Waraku 和樂屋

Cafe de Waraku

Update: This restaurant has closed.

Dinner with Fannypack again!

Driving past Central Square I spotted a new restaurant right beside Excellent Tofu.  It’s called Cafe de Waraku and it appears to be a Japanese Style Spaghetti House.  However, having done some research on it, it so happens to be started in Singapore.  So Japanese style huh…gotta see what that is…

Also, they state that they are MSG-free, that’s a nice change too.

Cafe de Waraku menu

We opted for two items from their Special Dinner Menu as it seems like a good deal.  Mind you, the dishes are not expensive anyways.  Pasta ranges from $5.99-8.49.  There are different styles such as Tomato, Creamy Tomato, “Stir-fried”, Meat Sauce, Cream Sauce, etc.  Salads were cheap too, $1.99, soup’s probably the same.

Cafe de Waraku: Garden Salad

We both picked the Garden Salad.  It’s nothing special.  I highly suspect that the salad mix is premade.  The dressing was good but not extraordinary.  Seems like something I can make at home with store-bought materials.

Cafe de Waraku: Garden Vegetable soup

The Daily Soup was the Garden Vegetable.  It was again alright.  There were little round pasta pieces in it, which at first I thought were barley.  This was served lukewarm though.

Cafe de Waraku: Garlic and Littleneck Clams

F’s pasta choice was the Garlic and Littleneck Clams.  It was quite good.  The clams tasted fresh and sweet.  The pasta was flavorful and there were lots of minced garlic in it.  The garlic toast was just ok.  Overall I liked this dish though.

Cafe de Waraku: Crab Meat & Fresh Tomatoes w/ Creamy Tomato Sauce

Mine was the Crab Meat & Fresh Tomatoes w/ Creamy Tomato Sauce.  I was surprised they used real crab meat in it, even if it could’ve been canned stuff.  The crab meat still tasted great though, and there were lots of it.  The creamy tomato sauce was not tart at all, tinge of sweetness.  The tomatoes were sweet too.  I enjoyed this too.

Final words are, the pasta choices we made were great, as are the prices.  I think I would come back but probably just order pasta by itself, as the soup and salad were nothing to call home about.  However, we didn’t see how it’s Japanese Style at all.  It seems like a taste we can get from HK-Style Cafes.

I also saw that they had some cakes for dessert.  Unfortunately we were too full to try.

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4 Comment

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I will skip this place based on your review.

    Looks like smaller portions of toppings. The salad is boring, and the garlic bread is on plain white bread toast instead of good bread.

    The concept is interesting but the execution seems to be no frills.

    They must be making a lot of profit though, the ingredients for your meal seem like low-cost apart from the crab.

  2. I have always passed-by this restaurant, however, never having a chance to taste that

    Given lots of different opinions, (consider good comments won the vote), I decided to try with my family

    The dinning room is nice and clean, probably just recently opened (but found that out they have been opened for 7 months already, nice cleanup job)

    Anyway, 5 of us (3 adults and 2 kids), we ordered 2 pasta dishes and 2 combo(s).

    The eel and egg Teriyaki was so good, very nice decoration. Clam and bacon creamy sauce pasta is another highlight of the whole dinner. The cream sauce is not heavy so that you can finish the whole dish.

    Deluxe with cheese combo is more or less the same as those you can have in some other western restaurants. Assorted mushroom original stir-fried combo is light and tasteful. It is a good idea for those not want anything heavy. (On-diet??) haha. I have changed both of the soups to Clam Chowder and Cream Corn soup, and pretty sure they both use their own receipe….. nothing you can get the same from the cans. another interesting thing is, there is more than couple clam meat inside the soup! My friend was so surprised with that!

    We also had couple homemade cheesecake and durian mousse cake, both surprised all of us those! The freshly grounded coffee smelt so good, my friend loved that.
    I think they deserve to charge more for the price they listed, in the neighbour. The cheesecake was only $4.5 and very flavorable, personally, I find that is even better than the one on Granville…….. anyway, that is my personal option, no offence! Durian cake…….. I dont eat durian… so no comment onto it, but according to my friend, she loved that coz it was made by real durian, no artifical color or extract added.

    Overall the service is ok, not quite enough people working there! I was there on last Saturday, and it was a full house, they were all hand full!!

    For such nice place, 5 of us, only spent $55 with tax and tips, worthy!! and I will definitely go there and try out the rest of the menu!

  3. Being forewarned by your blog, I went and ordered their clam and bacon pasta in cream sauce and avoided the extras. Now looking at your pictures, I noticed that they no longer serve their pastas with bread.

    My pasta had lots of clams and I liked the addition of seaweed which gives it an added dimension of flavour. Next time though, I think I’ll forego the bacon as it wasn’t crispy enough for me.

    The eel and egg noodles sound interesting and I’ve never seen this dish anywhere else. I will be back.

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