Frostbites at the Farmers Market

Frostbites Snowcones at the Farmers Market

T-dog and I have been frequenting the Royal City Farmers Market this summer. The last time we went we had the best snow cones ever from Frostbites. It has still been pretty hot lately so it was the best type of weather to have one.

Frostbites Snowcones at the Farmers Market

Now these are not your kiddie snow cones from yesteryear at Playland. These are grown up, adult snow cones. They come in mature flavors such as Strawberry Rhubarb, Peach Pie, Coconut Lime, Blackberry Ginger, you get the idea. T-dog was practically salivating and to tell you the truth, I was too.

Frostbites Snowcones at the Farmers Market

I picked two flavors for mine: Strawberry Basil and Meyer Lemon Lavender. The strawberry flavor was quite authentic to the fruit, nothing like the artificial fruit flavors we’re used to. The Basil was a very good match and quite noticeable.

As for the Meyer Lemon Lavender, both flavors were quite subdued but I would say that the lavender scent was more prominent. Lemon was there but just as a sourish note.

Having said that, the two flavors matched very well as they both are herby scents. I was very happy with my combination.

T-dog picked Lemon Verbena Sweet Tea and Peach Pie for hers. Sweet tea tasted just as it sounds and I found more of the tea flavor than lemon verbena.

Peach Pie really was just peach flavor but a very good one at that.

I would say that for both, the sweetness was just right and the color was more natural looking that the ghastly brightness we’re used to seeing for snow cones. We were both super impressed.

Their cordials (basically a light simple syrup) are all natural and organic, made with local ingredients when possible. They could be used for mixing drinks also.

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