Fondway Cafe - Matcha Cheesecake & Sandwich

Fondway Cafe

Fondway Cafe is a cute and spacious cafe that has opened up along the strip behind Metrotown mall.  There’s a bunch of new condos being built there which I guess makes it a good location.  It is also close to me so I have no complaints and made it a good choice for a long overdue coffee date with T-Dog.

Fondway Cafe
Sorry for the blurry picture..

They have a very eclectic decor…a mish-mash of different antiquey looking furniture in a chaotically organized way.  The ladders-as-seats are a cool idea but don’t look especially comfy..

Fondway Cafe

So we ended up sitting on these nifty seats.  The trunks-as-table idea is cool too but made the distance between sitting and your food a bit far.  Oh well.

Fondway Cafe - Baked Goods

They have an assortment of baked goods…(their blueberry bagels look mysteriously like the ones you get from Save-on…that blueish tinge…)

Fondway Cafe - Desserts and Sandwiches

Also cheesecakes, panna cottas, and an assortment of sandwiches.  I saw on their instagram that they have some sponge cakes too but not today..

Fondway Cafe - Matcha Cheesecake & Pumpkin Crab Sandwich

TDog had the Matcha Cheesecake ($5.45) and since I hadn’t had breakfast yet, got the Pumpkin Crab Sandwich($4.95).

The cheesecake had very rich matcha and cream cheese flavor.  I find that nowadays not many cheesecakes taste like cream cheese but not in this case.  It was also sweetened just right.  When served you get a bit of red bean and condensed milk with it.

Pumpkin Crab sandwich is essentially a club sandwich with one side composed of potato salad with bits of pumpkin (really not enough to call it “pumpkin”…should be just “potato”) and the other side was imitation crab meat, a la in a california roll.

Heating up in a panini press makes the sandwich a lot better.  It wasn’t bad.

Fondway Cafe - Honey Lemon Coffee

Highlight of the visit was the Honey Lemon Coffee ($4.95) though.  The last time I had something similar was at iCafe in Vancouver.  Their version had actually lemon slices in it though.

Fondway’s is made with what I suspect to be a korean lemon honey syrup used for making tea, which they then layer with black coffee.  I love the layer effect they do with most of their drinks…makes them super pretty to look at.

And it was delicious too!  It’s just as you would expect…coffee with a citrus kick.  It was very refreshing!

I would definitely come back as the prices are pretty good and it’s so convenient for me to get to.

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