Dine Out Vancouver 2010: The Refinery

For my last Dine-out experience of 2010, we went to a place called The Refinery which is located on Granville. It’s a very small restaurant located on top of Sip Lounge (I think they’re owned by the same people).  However it has quite an intimate setting and we were impressed. For my appetizer I picked […]

Dine Out Vancouver 2010: Seasons in the Park

Time for Dine Out again!  I thought I’ll quickly churn out this post while there’s still some time left for those of you that are looking for reviews before choosing a restaurant. This time, Mom chose Seasons in the Park as she really enjoyed it last time and it was close to Pretty Sis’ birthday. […]

Bubble Queen

You take a long-time classic like “Milk Tea”, throw some tapioca balls (and then call them precious pearls) in there and thus, creating one of the most popular modern beverage in the last 15 years.   We call it simply ‘Bubble Tea’ – its existence permeates the lives of most Asians around the world.   Today, we […]

Calhoun’s Bakery Cafe

Continuing with the blueberry theme, on the same night we had dinner at Swiss Chalet, I urbanspooned to see what dessert places were close by.  Calhoun’s Bakery Cafe was a few blocks down so I decided on there. It was a bit of a wet and drippy evening that day.  However it was a short […]

Chicco Cafe

Update:  This restaurant has closed. After our dinner at Toratatsu, it was still early out so we didn’t want to waste our trip to Downtown and took a walk down Robson.  By the time the shops were closing, we were ready for dessert again, so I took them to Chicco. I was introduced to this […]

Toratatsu Again

Update: This restaurant is now closed. The bunch of us congregated in Downtown again to attend M’s convocation at the new Vancouver Convention Centre.  Afterwards, we had to decide where to go for dinner and I suggested Toratatsu since we all like Izakayas. As usual we’re all supposed to pick something.  We ordered a bunch […]

The William Tell

Update: This restaurant is now closed. Pretty Sis took Mom and I to dinner out one night.  She found a restaurant that is Swiss-French and a bit of West Coast.  What a combination huh? The William Tell is located in the heart of downtown.  You all should know by now how much I absolutely LOATHE […]

Steveston Seafood House

Finally blogging this restaurant.  As you can kind of see, there’s snow on the ground.  This is from that deep-freeze period of Dec-Jan earlier this year. It wasn’t that the restaurant wasn’t good and I didn’t want to recommend it.  On the contrary, Steveston Seafood House was excellent.  I just felt that I didn’t take […]

Max’s Bakery & Delicatessen

Today was a sort of family day. Dad was getting cataract surgery done at VGH so Mom and I drove him down there. When we dropped him off, we had about an hour to kill, so we thought of going somewhere. There really isn’t much around the W. Broadway/Oak area, so it took us quite […]

The Fish House at Stanley Park

Update: This restaurant has closed. The Fish House is one of our most favorite restaurants.  We like it because they always have coupons in Entertainment Book, and even without the coupon, the prices are not too hard to swallow. They have two dining areas.  This is the lighter, brighter side.  The other side is more […]