Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town 2

I didn’t end up posting the next day after all…but here’s the rest of it. The next day I visited Granville Island with Pretty Sis.  She wanted to visit The House of Switzerland (not really a house, just Bridges Restaurant offering a few Swiss menu choices), I wanted to visit Atlantic Canada House. First up […]

The Cannery Seafood Restaurant est. 1971

Update Dec 20, 2010: This restaurant is now closed. One of the more famous restaurants in Vancouver is closing up shop soon due to its lease ending. I have heard about this restaurant for years but never had the opportunity to go. It is fantastic that I get to share this experience with Wendy in […]

Steveston Seafood House

Finally blogging this restaurant.  As you can kind of see, there’s snow on the ground.  This is from that deep-freeze period of Dec-Jan earlier this year. It wasn’t that the restaurant wasn’t good and I didn’t want to recommend it.  On the contrary, Steveston Seafood House was excellent.  I just felt that I didn’t take […]

The Fish House Redux – Sequel Syndrome

Update: This restaurant has closed. We have once again decided to grace The Fish House in Stanley Park with our presence and be subjected to their alluring offerings. The occasion is my mom’s birthday. She really enjoyed it last year and we were looking forward to it again. My mom is usually picky (and at […]

The Crab Pot @ Bellevue

The Crabpot restaurant was introduced to us a couple of years ago by a friend that frequented Washington state because the currency exchange rate was great (for us, Canadians) and diapers were cheaper across the border!  Wendy and I decided to try it again on our trip (one of many) to Washington.  This time, we […]

The Fish House at Stanley Park

Update: This restaurant has closed. The Fish House is one of our most favorite restaurants.  We like it because they always have coupons in Entertainment Book, and even without the coupon, the prices are not too hard to swallow. They have two dining areas.  This is the lighter, brighter side.  The other side is more […]

Dine-out Vancouver 2009: The American Grille

Boyfriend and I were able to attend another Dine-out just prior to my cruise.  This time I chose a $28 menu, at a restaurant close to where we live so that we didn’t have to travel far. We had been to The American Grille once before because of a recommendation from a friend to try […]

Seasons in the Park

We went out for a family dinner and the restaurant my mom chose was Seasons in the Park located in Queen Elizabeth Park (did you know that this park is actually situated on top of an extinct volcano??).  My mom heard that it has a beautiful view so we decided to go and see. Indeed, […]